Saturday, October 25, 2014

I wanted to love this dress, so badly.... Let me start again. I wanted to love this dress on me so badly. I loved the dress already.

From the pretty pure white crepe fabric to the lush bejeweled collar, I purchased it as soon as it came online at ASOS. It's hung in my closet since the wedding, waiting to be worn and never picked. It was a tragedy. You may remember my previous outfit post featuring that amazing Simply Be dress that the ever so lovely Parker from Everyday Runway sent me (if not, check it out here) - well that inspired me. I dropped off both dresses with my alterations lady, and voilá, it was given new life!

An all white dress, in this sort of shape, is still way out of my comfort zone, especially with the collar, as a rule I hate them - I feel like they make my already short neck, even shorter. But this one is just so so pretty, that it's just to hard to resist! 

Bejeweled Collar Dress - ASOS Curve
Sunglasses - Sportsgirl
Flats - Peter Morrissey for Big W


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

So as you all know, I got married! In fact, it will be our 2 month anniversary on Friday! This might be the same for every couple that marries, but it feels a lot longer than that, but only in the best possible way! We felt we were married before we even were. 

I feel like I have been holding these photos back from you, but I myself only received them today! Going through them and picking which ones to share proved they were worth the wait - hopefully you agree. 

We never had a theme, we never even picked colours. I didn't organize my flowers until the day of the wedding,  when my bridesmaid and I simply turned up at Salamanca Markets and purchased the bunches that I liked, but at the end of the day I think we ended up with a 1960's type vibe. Vintage, classic and oh so chic. 

It was a very happy wedding, full of laughter and only a few tears of joy. Every time we got a line right, our Priest would tell us that we got a "high distinction" or that we did "very well" which made us giggle slightly at every break. I nearly lost any strength I had when the Father announced that it was St. Anne's day, my grandmothers name, but some how that made me know she was there with us. 

I remember being so calm, until I was told it was time to head in. I was all of sudden so scared. Not of getting married, but its all of a sudden a very long walk to get to your soon-to-be husband. I had my photographer tell me to walk slowly, and I really did do my best, but I got to the end long before the music finished! 

We had an amazingly beautiful ceremony, that included a very old custom of place our wedding rings on each finger starting at the thumb, and then touch each finger until reaching the one where you place the ring, all while saying "In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit" - I've never seen this done before, so we loved that it was a little bit different. We then apparently kissed too quickly!

 Flowers by Lisa Kingston at Salamanca Markets. 


My amazing wedding actually a 2 piece set. A beautiful lace midi skirt with a matching lace crop top. I wanted something that was going to look chic, that I could re wear and that was going to work for me and my then, 7 month old baby bump. It was created by the amazingly talented designer Youtheary Khmer. It originally came with a fitted waist, but she happily changed that for me into an elastic waist, so it would be comfortable on my bump, it all worked out so perfectly. The crop top is sheer, so I simply added a white cami from Asos Curve underneath. 

My beautiful pink suede pumps were gifted to my by an amazing new brand here in Australia, called Sole Searching - and, you guessed it, they do larger size shoes. These were called "Helen". They do have a slight pointed toe to them, which just added an extra dash of elegance to my outfit. If you have a longer foot, I urge you to check them out. They have a simply incredible selection! 


In terms of beauty, I kept it simple. Now was not the time for that electric blue liner I had my eye one. I went for my normal look, but I amped it up. I wore about 7 different primers and highlighters, to make my face glow! I kept my hair very simple, and just teased my hair as much as possible to make the biggest bun on my head. 

We had the most beautiful reception. A stunning high tea at The Lenna Hotel here in Hobart. It's located in Battery Point, and has the most amazing scenery. We were spoilt for choice on where to take our photos. The food was excellent, as was the atmosphere. Everyone was so happy, and there was just a joyous feeling in the room, that is the thing I will never forget, how happy everyone was.

The amazing wedding cake! We purchased from Sweet Envy in North Hobart, who did just an amazing job, it turned out even better than I had hoped for! In fact the whole day did. 
The sun came out to play, and it was unseasonably warm. Everyone got to the church on time. No one cried too much. It was simply the most perfect and beautiful day a girl could ever ask for. 


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Blogging has brought me many things, but one of the best things it has ever brought me are blogging friends. Being based in Australia, you think that they would be other Australian bloggers but as it happens they are mostly stateside ladies! 

One fabulous lady, Parker of Everyday Runway has worked her way into my fashion heart, from her leopard print kitty sunglasses to her emerald pointed toe heels, it's hard not to fall smitten to her joyous personality and sophisticated style, which always has a quirky edge. No doubt, a girl after my own heart!

Well one night we got talking and I as usual, was complaining about the fact that Simply Be do NOT ship to Australia! She being the lovely gal she is, offered that if there was anything I ever wanted from them she would happy order on my behalf, to say I jumped at the chance would be an understatement! I had been in love with the dress for ages and ages, but did you know what Parker did? 

She sent the dress to me, with out letting me pay for it. And on top of that, added the most beautiful things for my soon to be bundle of joy, including her first pair of shoes,which happen to be black glitter jelly sandals! Also, girl has got gift wrapping skills - don't believe me check out my Instagram account!


Now on the fashion photo part of the post, which will probably be my last until after I give birth (hello, 9 months pregnant!), with the exception of my wedding photos, which I know every one is dying to see! The post should be live in the coming week, so keep your eyes peeled! 



Sunglasses // Sportsgirl
Dropped Waist Dress // Simply Be *
Straw Bag with Flowers // Vintage - Via
Leopard Print Flats // Peter Morrisey For Big W